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Stronghold Next – Mega Q&A (Part 1)

Welcome to part one of Firefly Studios’ massive Stronghold Next Q&A! Today we answer YOUR questions from our previous Stronghold Next videos on YouTube to tide you over until our full gameplay reveal. Watch as Nick answers more than 50 of your most pressing questions over the next two weeks, all without going into spoiler territory! Firefly reveal as much as possible about the upcoming castle sim including similarities with the Crusader series, game modes, mods, pricing, diplomacy, language support, release dates and more! There’s also discussion about the Stronghold series as a whole, such as how likely we are to see a console version of the castle builder and possible future settings. For some reason there’s even talk of a Firefly clothing line and Game of Thrones…

We hope you enjoy this first half of our community Q&A extravaganza and would like to thank you for your patience waiting for the full gameplay reveal. It means a huge deal to the team here at Firefly that our players would rather wait for a great Stronghold game than have us release (or announce) something too early. Rest assured we are hard at work on both fronts and will do our best to keep you supplied with more Stronghold Next goodness in the meantime.

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