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Stronghold & Chill – UI Design

This week we premiere a brand new series! ‘Stronghold & Chill’ is a rebranding of our ‘Meet The Team’ series from earlier this year, designed to introduce you properly to the people behind the games. These long-form developer interviews focus on the designers, artists, coders and everyone else who works hard to bring your favourite castle building series to life. From Lead Designers and Producers to QA and even our evil marketing people, over the course of the next year we’ll be getting under the skin of the Stronghold creators discussing their personal experiences at Firefly and of course favourite things about the original castle sim!

In today’s episode Aaron interviews our 2D UI Artist Tom Ward on how the Stronghold interfaces and in-game controls come together to facilitate your castle sieges and occasional torture of unfortunate peasants. We also discuss exactly how Tom broke into the industry and ended up doing everything from character concept art and promotional material to modular UI and literally hundreds of in-game icons.

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