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Stronghold on Console

Today we announce that our favourite 3D castle game Stronghold 2 will be making its way to the SEGA Dreamcast on April 1st 2019! A fully realised demake of the original title, Stronghold 2 for Dreamcast will run at a crisp 640×480 retaining all the game’s original features and online play. In today’s gameplay reveal franchise stalwart Maxwell Chuggerton runs us through this exciting new announcement, confirming that the original castle sim will soon join a rich and variety heritage of console games. Already up and running, powered by the platform’s rare Windows CE operating system, Stronghold 2 for Dreamcast is the first of Firefly’s castle building games to arrive on console.

Key Features

  • Get the full Stronghold 2 experience on console running at 640×480 on Windows CE.
  • Besiege fellow console players online and seal your victory with a mocking email.
  • Fish to feed your starving peasants using the physical Dreamcast fishing rod.
  • Aim catapult or trebuchet fire with the light gun and shatter castle defences.
  • Enjoy gorgeous pixelated ‘demake’ graphics for units, castles, peasants and more!

Sir William and other fan favourite Stronghold characters will soon be joining the system’s colourful world of blue hedgehogs, stoic martial artists, rhythmic monkeys and roller blading graffiti artists. A Stronghold for all gamers, Stronghold 2 for Dreamcast will support both the fishing rod and light gun peripherals at launch. Peaceful farmers can relax and fish for food to feed their hungry peasants, while warmongering Lords can fire catapults and trebuchets at their enemy’s castle walls with the pull of a trigger. While graphical changes between the recent PC and upcoming console versions are clear to see, fans can expect much more detail on the game’s unique control schemes in the coming months.

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