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Top 7 Easter Eggs

After two weeks looking toward the future of Stronghold, both for our mainline series and updates for Stronghold Kingdoms, this week we’re revisiting the past! So lend us your eyes and ears as we run through our top 7 Stronghold and Space Colony Easter eggs! While there may be one or two secrets that aren’t really secrets anymore, given it’s 15 years since Stronghold invaded hard drives worldwide, we bet you don’t know them all! We’d wager the ability to play Legends in third person, early Trump references in Space Colony and even the Stronghold ghost managed to pass most fans by! Obviously these are just a few of the secrets, references and Easter eggs we’ve hidden across more than 10 titles since 2001, so if you have a favourite reference not featured in today’s video let us know!

We love adding these little extras and nods to the community when we have time away from actual game development, so let us know if you have Easter eggs you’d like to see in future titles. This could be Stronghold Ghost 2.0, more Monty Python references (you can never have too many Monty Python references) or something completely new! We’re constantly on the lookout for fun references and who better to come up with the next obscure Stronghold secret than those who hunted them down in the first place.

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