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Metamorph – New Monsters, Traps and Levels!

Happy New Year from Firefly Studios! While we have plenty of Stronghold Next and Stronghold Kingdoms content on the way we wanted to kick start 2018 with a glimpse at our immediate plans for our Early Access tactical dungeon crawler MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures. This video gives you a glimpse at our first MetaMorph content update due for release this month, while also hinting at things to come…
Our first major update for MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures will include a bit of everything you love about the game so far. New enemies and dungeon traps will feature, alongside smaller fixes and improvements. We’ll be playing with the different elements on offer by introducing a new enemy in the form of the Wraith, who will even appear as a larger and more deadly mini-boss in later levels! Speaking of levels we have ten new dungeons on the way featuring new trap types that pose both immediate and long term danger, in addition to whatever else happens to be trying to kill you at the time.

Each of these new obstacles is designed to change the way you tactically crawl through the dungeons of MetaMorph and deal with its various grotesque creatures. This smaller update is our first piece of Early Access content so please let us know what you think of the new additions in the comments below. We hope you enjoy what you’ve seen (or indeed played) of MetaMorph so far and look forward to a larger content update in the next month or so.

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