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New MetaMorph Trailer

The final form in our trio of transformations available at launch, the Fire Nymph uses ranged attacks and her unique elemental type to dispatch the dungeon’s countless traps and minions! The Nymph is a ranged attacker with the ability to auto-target and incinerate enemies from a distance, assuming she’s not backed into a corner! Her unique elemental type also gives the Nymph invulnerability against fiery traps and a boost against ice type enemies. Just beware the dungeons more poisonous monstrosities, as a spirit of nature the Nymph is weak against their corrupting spells and attacks.

Three of five special abilities the Nymph can unlock during the course of the full game are spotlighted in this new trailer:

  • Fire Strike – Heat the ceiling of the dungeon white-hot before sending incendiary molten rocks crashing down onto unsuspecting foes.
  • Multi-Shot – Dispatch distant, weaker monsters with a spinning attack that sends out a flurry of conjured auto-targeting fireballs.
  • Inferno – Charge the Nymph’s elemental powers to their peak before dispatching all nearby minions with a powerful AOE blast.

As with the Rabbit, Ice Ogre and other heroes released both during and after Early Access, the Fire Nymph’s powers can be strung together with those of other morphs for maximum effect. Players will need to customise their loadouts, switch between heroes at the most opportune moment and manage cooldowns to survive and conquer each dungeon!

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