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Out Now – Stronghold Kingdoms Android

We are proud to have finally released Stronghold Kingdoms on Google Play! As promised the Android version of Kingdoms arrives more or less alongside iOS, with a two week gap between releases providing a little breathing room. This has allowed us to make sure each launch goes as smoothly as possible and we do appreciate your patience with this minor delay. From today can go head-to-head or join forces with other players on iOS, PC and Mac, with the ability to log in using your existing account. Compatible with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later, Stronghold Kingdoms on Android is the full game on mobile with new touch controls and full cross-platform play.

When downloading Kingdoms on Android you will notice that the app icon currently has a ‘Beta’ label across it. This is because we feel the Android build isn’t quite up to the same standard as iOS, specifically with regards to optimisation on select devices. The relatively few devices on iOS and our small team are a few reasons for this, but we also started Android development later. Development actually began after iOS was announced, as a direct response to requests from players asking for Android support. The Android love was clear from that moment on and we eventually decided it would be better to release a playable build alongside iOS than to delay the release a second time.

If you’d like to know more our ‘iOS vs Android’ video released at the start of this month should give you an idea of how each version plays at launch. So while we are aware there is still some work to be done you can expect frequent updates to the app with your feedback in mind. We hope you enjoy Kingdoms on Android and look forward to new features and worlds coming in the near future!

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