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New Steam Editions

We are pleased to announce that Stronghold Legends and Stronghold 2 are being updated! Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition will release next month with with Steam multiplayer, achievements, exclusive maps, trading cards and all bonus DLC content, with Stronghold 2: Steam Edition to follow in 2017. Both games will be a FREE update for anyone who currently owns them on Steam, as part of the Stronghold Collection.



Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition (2016)


Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition (September)

Following our remastered HD versions of the original Stronghold and Stronghold: Crusader, Stronghold Legends comes to Steam next month with Steam multiplayer, achievements, exclusive maps, trading cards and all DLC campaigns!

Lead the siege with powerful spells, mythical beasts and legendary hero units in [b]Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition[/b]! This remastered version of the game once again takes the beloved castle building series and plunges it into myth and legend with three unique factions. Play as King Arthur and command his Knights of the Round Table, ally with Vlad the Impaler or relive the heroic saga of the mighty Siegfried of Germany. With 24 story missions and new Steam-exclusive content, Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition is the definitive version of this unique fantasy RTS.

Created exclusively for Steam, Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition recounts the fables of Arthur, Vlad Dracula and Siegfried of Xanten, Legends is a thematic departure for Stronghold. With a focus on fast-paced RTS combat, Legends takes a series previously rooted in realism and introduces mythical factions with hero units and magical abilities. Each single player campaign introduces a new environment, units, challenges and gameplay! Catapult werewolves over castle walls, incinerate troops with dragon fire or command mighty ice giants to obliterate enemy defenses.

Set for release on September, Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition will be available for free to players who already possess the game in their Steam library.


Stronghold Legends (2006)


Stronghold 2: Steam Edition (2017)

After the release of Legends next month the plan is to follow up with the release of a Steam edition for Stronghold 2 next year. Featuring all the same improvements and added multiplayer functionality of the Legends release, Stronghold 2: Steam Edition will update our first ever 3D Stronghold with achievements, Steam multiplayer, trading cards, all previously released DLC and new maps. As with Legends, this updated version of Stronghold 2 will be a free update for existing owners on Steam and automatically downloaded upon release.

Sequel to the award-winning Stronghold, Stronghold 2 brought the series to life in glorious 3D when it was first released in 2005. Offering players true ‘castle-life’ gameplay, enhanced multiplayer and an innovative new single player campaign, Stronghold 2 follows the exploits of Sir William and his page Sir Matthew Steele. When your defeated King appears to have fled England, Lord Barclay makes his move to take the crown for himself! After helping William escape from the clutches of Barclay, you must regroup and counterattack.

Entertain with jousts, lavish feasts and tournaments or rule with an iron fist and dispense medieval justice to overworked and malnourished peasants, become the Lord you were born to be! With powerful barons jostling for power over a disintegrating kingdom, it is up to you to stem the tides of ambition and unite the land under the one true King.


Stronghold 2 (2005)


The Future

Once work has concluded on Legends, Kingdoms (iOS/Android) and Stronghold 2 we will begin developing the next Stronghold game! A new standalone title for PC, more details will be revealed next year. All we can say for now is that the game will be released on Steam and it won’t be an expansion, nor will it be free-to-play. While the next Stronghold is not yet in active development, we do have a clear idea of the path we’re taking with the game and will reveal more as soon as these ideas solidify into the unique castle sim gameplay you know and love.

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