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Stronghold 2 – Original Vs Steam

Our FREE Steam Edition upgrade for Stronghold 2 is almost here! With just a week to go before the long awaited re-release arrives on October 5, we take a closer look at the game’s visual enhancements with a side-by-side graphical comparison. Thanks to enhanced visuals, widescreen support and a reworked user interface, you can now keep better track of your pitiful subjects, observe a greater area of the battlefield and watch closely as medieval life unfolds within your castle walls. Perhaps now those lazy peasants will think twice about stealing from the granary!

In addition to a slight visual upgrade Stronghold 2: Steam Edition will also restore multiplayer, breathing new life into the community with the addition of multiplayer support through Steam. Combined with the game’s fully-featured Map Editor and new Steam Workshop integration, you will soon have countless battlefields to conquer as you crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their peasants. To celebrate this long-awaited release, we’ve also added an all-new map pack, achievements, a digital art book, official soundtrack and more!

Already own Stronghold 2 on Steam? Rejoice! This new Steam Edition will be added to your library automatically as a free update for the base game! Simply log into Steam and watch as the update is downloaded automatically to your library on October 5th.

Don’t own Stronghold 2 on Steam? You can either buy Stronghold 2: Steam Edition on Steam after launch on October 5th or get a free upgrade by picking up the Stronghold Collection!

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