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Global Conflict Now Live

Sire, today will go down in the annals of history! The sleepless nights of planning your world domination are over, it is finally time to go out and claim all the corners of the globe! With 151 countries waiting to be claimed by merciless kings the world is yours for the taking, provided you’re prepared to stand your ground on the largest battlefield Stronghold Kingdoms has ever seen.

Following in the footsteps of ‘Rise of the Wolf’, Global Conflict introduces new gameplay in the form of a grander scale and renewed emphasis on PvP combat. Fundamental to Kingdoms’ design, PvP is the focus of this new world which returns to the game’s roots as an online battle of wits, nerve and resources between Lords. Players must strategize amongst themselves to take and hold small islands, city states and huge countries spanning across continents.

Win card packs and premium tokens for you and your fellow players by sharing our announcement on Facebook!

Free Card Packs and Premium Tokens

To celebrate this huge milestone in Kingdoms history we are giving away free card packs and premium tokens to all players. On Monday October 12th we will post a redeemable code to the Stronghold Kingdoms news feed, what this code and bundle contains is up to YOU to decide. Help us share the news of Global Conflict’s launch on Facebook and we will add increasingly valuable in-game items to the bundle, for all players to enjoy!

How to Win:

  1. Go to the Stronghold Kingdoms Facebook page –
  2. Click on ‘Share’ under our “Global Conflict Now Live” post
  3. Tell your fellow players to do the same!

We will count the total number of shares on Monday October 12th at 10am BST, with shares made before this point determining the contents of our free giveaway code!

  • No shares = 1 Random Card Pack
  • 500 = Above + 1 Army Pack & 1 Defense Pack
  • 1,000 = Above + 1 7-Day Premium Token
  • 2,500 = Above + 1 Super Random Pack
  • 5,000 = Above + 1 Ultimate Random Pack
  • 7,500 = Above + 1 Exclusive Pack
  • 10,000 = Above + 1 Ultimate Random Pack

Crown Sale

Can’t wait that long to fill your granary, advance your scouts or grow your army? Then head on over to the Crown store and secure a 30% bonus on all purchases! Available for just over three days and ending at 00:00 BST on October 12th, the Global Conflict flash sale tops up all Crown purchases by 30%. This applies across all payment methods, allowing you to prepare for an epic global conflict!

Now go and conquer the world!

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