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Invasions Update

Our new ‘Invasions’ update is now available on Steam, free for all owners of Stronghold Crusader 2. Launch siege invasions against your castle in Sandbox mode, turn on easy AI or choose your faction in single player Skirmish Trail missions and build across a selection of new maps in custom skirmish, sandbox or online multiplayer.

Siege Invasions – Designed to beef up the free-building Sandbox mode, invasions allow players to find out just how impregnable their mighty castles are by launching increasingly powerful attacks against them.

Easy AI Mode – A popular request among those new to the series, this easier difficulty setting makes the AI less aggressive in the game’s punishing Skirmish Trail missions.

Faction Selection – Another oft-requested feature, players can now select between Crusader and Arabic factions in Skirmish Trail missions.

Six New Maps – Destroy your enemies in the no man’s land of ‘Interlocked’, the steep slopes of ‘Volcano’ or the woodlands of ‘The Forest’. With six unique maps featuring beaches, lakes and even the odd volcano, you can now do battle across a variety of different scenery while drenching the desert sands with the blood of your enemies.


Please Note: This new content should download automatically after you launch the Steam client. To confirm whether or not the download was successful, check the version number displayed in the bottom left corner of the main menu screen when launching Crusader 2. If the number displayed is not 1.0.21103 restart Steam until the update downloads.

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