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‘Stronghold x Space Colony’ Crossover DLC Coming Soon

In celebration of the Space Colony: Steam Edition launch on April 30th and Stronghold’s upcoming 14.5th anniversary, we are releasing new DLC for Stronghold that fuses the game’s medieval universe with the quirky sci-fi of Space Colony. Since the launch of the original Space Colony in 2003 players have requested various combinations of Stronghold gameplay and the setting or characters of Space Colony. After much consideration we felt a crossover DLC, more than fourteen years after the original release of Stronghold, would be a great way to stay true to both games while also making the fusion possible.

‘Stronghold x Space Colony’ adds Space Colony characters Stig Svensson and Tami La Belle as AI opponents alongside The Wolf, The Pig, The Snake and The Rat. The new DLC replaces wolf dens with Protoraptor nests, adds Hovermines and laser turrets to your selection of castle defences and intro-duces an all-new campaign in which these new characters invade medieval England!

Space Colony protagonists Tami and Stig have traveled through space and time to strip the Earth of all its resources, as they would on any other planet. It is the player’s mission to defend Earth from these greedy invaders before launching the fight into outer space, flinging diseased cattle from trebuchets on faraway planets. The result is quasi-cyberpunk, fish out of water story filled with Monty Python references, with Venusian slugs invad-ing the granary and an unlikely romance between Tami and The Wolf

Main Features:

  • Two new AI opponents from the Space Colony universe, Tami and Stig.
  • Six multiplayer maps set on planets from the original game.
  • A brand new campaign complete with with twelve missions, set in medieval England and on planets in the Ussvald System.
  • Futuristic structures and new castle defences using advanced tech.
  • Alien lifeforms to destroy or tame, turning them against their mas-ters!

The Stronghold x Space Colony DLC will be made available as a free download on the official Firefly Studios website on April 30th, when Space Colony: Steam Edition is set to launch.

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