Firefly Studios


Stronghold Legends Bonus Maps and 4th Skirmish Trail

Released shortly after the Stronghold Collection, this is a free add-on for all Stronghold Legends players which includes…

  • 13 previously un-released maps from the Firefly team including…
  • 2 new King of the Hill maps as well as 2 more Capture the Flag maps.
  • 6 brand new deathmatch/skirmish maps for various numbers of players and play styles.
  • 3 custom designed user missions designed by different members of the Firefly team.
  • The previously exclusive 4th Legends Trail, “Arthur’s Challenge”.

This is for older boxed versions of Stronghold Legends. The extra content is already included in Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition

Stronghold Excalibur Pack

FireFly Studios released a new tool for their RTS/Castle Building Sim, Stronghold. This tool – the Excalibur pack – allows players to test their resolve by defending the famed castles of Camelot, Mordred’s Fortress, and Tintagel. Or measure their tactical wit by toppling the imposing walls of these feared legendary strongholds!

This is for older boxed versions of Stronghold. The extra content is already included in Stronghold HD

Castle Attack Legends

The official mini-game created to promote Stronghold Legends. Players must defend their castle from increasing number of invading hordes.

Space Colony Cobash Campaign

The Cobash campaign was produced in 2004 by Firefly Studios. It was the first official bonus material released for the game. It is also included in Space Colony HD, along with 8 new official campaigns and 6 user-created campaigns from

This is for older boxed versions of Space Colony. The extra content is already included in Space Colony: Steam Edition

Crusader Custom AI Castles

Custom AI castle designs, created by members of the Stronghold Crusader community, for our AIV competition. The competition winners were…

  • Lord of Hell with his Saladin entry
  • Art of Math with his Wolfs entry
  • Barbarius and Vowy with their Saladin entry