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5 October, 2017 (Steam Edition)



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Tax, torture or treat your peasants! Rehabilitate criminals or sentence them to death? Decide as you joust over a lavish banquet, all while under siege from the warmongering Lord Barclay. Entertain your subjects or rule with an iron fist, dispensing medieval justice to overworked and malnourished peasants. With powerful barons jostling for power over a disintegrating kingdom, it is up to you to stem the tides of ambition and unite the land under the one true King! Created exclusively for Steam, Stronghold 2: Steam Edition comes with Steam multiplayer support, achievements, Steam Workshop integration, a new map pack, digital art book, soundtrack and trading cards.


When it was first released in 2005, Stronghold 2 allowed players to experience true ‘castle life’ gameplay for the first time in full 3D. With an intricate economy, siege warfare, crime and punishment systems and classic medieval events such as jousting, this highly anticipated sequel Stronghold introduced a wealth of new sim features. Unhappy peasants turn to crime and must be punished, rival lords can raise entire armies on their title alone and sieges must be fought tooth and nail, with close combat taking place inside castle structures. CVG scored the game 85/100 and PC Gamer gave it 84/100, stating that “if you're into serious castle-building and siegecraft, nothing else comes close”. It would go on to become a favourite among Stronghold fans, fondly remembered as the first 3D entry in the series for its generous amount of content and numerous game modes. The Steam Edition was released in 2017 and made available as a free update for existing owners of the game on Steam.


  • Stronghold 2 Remastered - Steam multiplayer, Workshop, achievements, new maps, soundtrack and digital art book.
  • Rule as You Desire - Rehabilitate or simply execute thieving peasants using everything from gibbets to gallows!
  • Simulate Castle Life - Duel inside buildings, hold lavish banquets or build a war economy and lay siege to rival lords.
  • Take the Crown - Gain Honour by title, strategy or force and dominate the new 'Kingmaker’ skirmish mode.
  • Craft Custom Maps - Create and share custom scenarios via Steam Workshop using the in-game map editor.
  • Besiege Your Friends - Battle up to eight players online in Kingmaker and Deathmatch game modes.


Launch Trailer - YouTube

Community Questions - YouTube

7 New Things About Stronghold 2: Steam Edition - YouTube

Graphical Comparison - YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Serious castle-building and siegecraft, nothing else comes close."
    - Staff Writer, PC Gamer
  • "Few marry these two traditional aspects of real-time strategy so seamlessly."
    - Staff Writer, CVG
  • "The intricate economy and unusual siege play make it stand out."
    - Staff Writer, Yahoo Games
  • "The vastly improved graphics are a joy to behold."
    - Staff Writer, Thunderbolt

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Firefly Studios is a BAFTA nominated video game studio consisting of around 30 full and part-time staff, specialising in strategy games since 1999.

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Stronghold 2: Steam Edition Credits

Simon Bradbury
Founder and Lead Designer, Firefly Studios

Eric Ouellette
Founder and Company President, Firefly Studios

Paul Harris
Senior Producer, Firefly Studios

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